Founder, Brown Environmentalist


Brown Environmentalist is a platform aiming to chronicle and amplify the contributions and leadership of BIPOC in the environment.

Michael A. Estrada is a photographer, educator, and creative from California. After graduating from UCLA, he moved to the Marin Headlands for an ecological restoration position in the Golden Gate National Parks. Inspired by his experience with volunteer audiences and school group visits, he then became an outdoor and environmental educator in San Francisco. There, he honed his passions for storytelling, environmental justice, and creative engagement. In late 2016 he began his transition toward documentary journalism, with the ongoing commitment to elevate the voices of communities and people through story and visual representation. BE Media Co. is an aspiration toward a reframed public imagination where BIPOC are seen as the inherent leaders of the environment. Michael is a first-generation Salvadoran American, and in his free time aspires to a zero-waste lifestyle, trains as a triathlete, and drinks plenty of tea. 

*CV available upon request
*Available for speaking engagements