Adriana Garcia & Luz Litima

Founders, Latinx Hikers


Adriana Garcia is a nature loving, runner, backpacker and cat lover that was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She was born to a Mexican father and an American mother. Growing up in a bi-racial, Mormon family in the South caused her to question her identity and where she fit in. The outdoors provided her with a safe space to escape to and a place that brought her a sense of belonging. Fast forward to 30 year old Adriana and she still holds that relationship with the outdoors close to her heart. After years of witnessing POC, and more specifically Latinx people, underrepresented and erased from the outdoor narrative, she wanted to change that. She joined forces with Luz Lituma, her best friend and adventure partner, on a project where they could be a part of changing the outdoor narrative for POC. And so, they created LatinXhikers. LatinXhikers is an online platform where Luz and Adriana use their personal stories and photos to inspire, bring awareness and promote a culture of diversity and inclusiveness in the outdoors.

Luz Lituma is an adventure loving hiker and outdoor enthusiast. Born in Queens, NY raised in Atlanta, GA the youngest daughter of Ecuadorian parents. Co-Founder of Latixhikers. We feel that it is our responsibility as children of immigrants to form an appreciation for our lands and to help protect and preserve them for the future.


*CV available upon request
*Available for speaking engagements