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Jaylyn Gough

Founder, Native Women's Wilderness



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Jaylyn Gough is from the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico She holds a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work and has been a Social Worker for over ten years. She is the founder of Native Womens Wilderness, created out of the frustration of the lack women of color, let alone a Native Woman, represented in the Outdoor Industries. Her desire for NWW, to be a platform for Native voices, a place to express the love and passion for the Wild, and to provide education of the ancestral lands we all love to explore. Women through NWW have expressed the pain of rape, identity issues, challenges of being adopted, colonization, and hardships of being a woman of color...but the consistent theme in their stories is the love for the Land and how it heals, it's the Land their ancestors walked. She also sits on the Board of Women's Wilderness in Boulder that encourages and supports young girls to grow and explore the Wild as well as classes and various Adventures for Women. Jaylyn has been a guide, a mountain bike race coordinator for eight years, and an avid mountain climber, hiker, mountain biker, climber, and a landscape photographer. You can always find her exploring with her camera in hand.

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