Summer Winston

Co-Founder, The Brown Ascenders


Summer is originally from southern Louisiana. She relocated to the California, Bay area Summer 2016 for a super cool teaching position, after a 4 year stent in Houston Texas, and hasn't looked back since. She is the grand-kid of a Filipino immigrant and WWII vet. She is the daugther of two the hardest working, dream chasing people she has ever had the pleasure of meeting. Summer identifies as a queer, urban, dapper, mountain person, that's in love with nature. She went on her first camping trip in 2014 and has been in love ever since. By trade Summer is a graphic designer and professor, but she moonlights as a dreamer, much like her parents. She loves all things outdoors; camping, hiking, and especially climbing. She often says she created The Brown Ascenders as an outlet to climb with really cool brown folk, but she has big goals for what the group can become. Especially in the area of introducing brown kids to the sport. She always wished climbing would have found her sooner, and really wants to aid kids in having the outlets, opportunities and the community she didn't have growing up.

*CV available upon request
*Available for speaking engagements