Tramond Baisden


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The Black Outdoors


Tramond Baisden: An original ATLien, Tramond loves being outdoors, meeting and inspiring people, and having a good time. He discovered his love for nature and outdoor recreation after completing a geophysical field course in South Africa as an undergrad at Fort Valley State University. His experiences there led him to pursue a career in Geology, earning a Bachelor's and Master's in Geosciences from Penn State University. Through his studies, he became more and more in tune with nature and learned to appreciate the natural beauty all around us, while also recognizing a lack of diversity outdoors. He currently resides in New Orleans and takes every opportunity he can to travel, get outdoors, and motivate you to do the same!

Ezedube Eze: Born of Nigerian immigrants, Eze spent his childhood in New Jersey. He studied Health Policy & Administration at Penn State University which led to a carrer in not-for-profit long-term care as a Nursing Home Administrator. In the past few years, Eze has called Minnesota and Arizona, two states with endless opportunities for outdoor activity, home. A recent move to Washington DC has exposed him to even more hidden gems.Through his travels, Eze identified a void - the lack of representation of People of Color in nature - that he had a yearning to fill. He and Tramond, college friends and fraternity brothers, recognized their common interest in alleviating this underrepresentation and founded TheBlackOutdoors.

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