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Kathryn (Kate) Van Waes

Executive Director

American Hiking Society 

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Ronald Griswell

Journalist, SNEWS



The Basics

Nonprofit Name: American Hiking Society
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Founded: 1976
Full-Time Employees: 6
Products: N/A
Social: Facebook - LinkedIn - Instagram
Claim to Fame: Empowering all to enjoy, share, and preserve the hiking experience.



The Culture

Demographics (Optional):
The best thing about working at American Hiking is: Getting to interact with our passionate volunteers and members, especially when every conversation eventually leads to “So where are you hiking next weekend?”
When we’re not working, we’re: Hiking, trail running, climbing -- we’re OUTSIDE!

What we’re reading:  The Pursuit of Endurance by Jennifer Pharr Davis; Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail -- Southern California by Shawnté Salabert; and Long Trails by Liz “Snorkel” Thomas
What we’re listening to: The Trail Show Podcast
If they made a movie about our workplace, it would be called: Good Will Hiking. Plot: Willemina Hunting, a janitor at M.I.T., has a gift for Forest Management, but needs help from a trail guide to find direction in her life.
Inclusion in the outdoors matters because: Nothing heals body and soul and creates community like the Outdoors.  It should be a unifier, but history has left some groups out.  We want to change that.

Five years down the line, it’s our hope that: Every American has permanent access to hiking, including urban, frontcountry and backcountry opportunities.


The One-Year Goals

(What’s the company culture we wish to create?)

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