1. How do I get in touch? 

Visit our Get Connected page to find contact information for individual coalition members and reach out the them directly using the contact buttons provided.

2. Are you on Social Media?

Diversify Outdoors is a coalition of social media influencers who share the goal of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the outdoors. While the coalition itself doesn’t operate any social media accounts (nor are we affiliated with @diversifyoutdoors on Instagram), all coalition members run their own social media accounts on various platforms. Visit our Get Connected page to learn more.

3. I have a job I would like to post. Is there a Careers Page? 

Please contact Greening Youth angelou@gyfoundation.org and visit them at gyfoundation.org.

4. I also work in outdoor Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and I’d like to become a member of this page.

Please contact danielle@melaninbasecamp.com, thejennybruso@gmail.com or brownpeoplecamping@gmail.com to discuss membership requirements.

5. I’d like to add my article or podcast to the monthly newsletter.

Please contact thejennybruso@gmail.com.

6. Our organization is interested in partnering with the Diversify Outdoors coalition. 

Please contact Page Admin danielle@melaninbasecamp.com.

7. This link doesn’t work.

Please contact Page Admin danielle@melaninbasecamp.com.