Julianne Mahoney


Dirt Chalk Bags

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The Basics

Nonprofit Name: Dirt Chalk Bags
Location: Montgomery Village, MD
Founded: 2018
Full-Time Employees: 1
Products: Climbing Chalk Bags
Social: Facebook - Instagram
Claim to Fame: Eco-friendly, artist designed handmade chalk bags.



The Culture

The best thing about working at Dirt Chalk Bags is: Collaborating with artists all over the globe that are just passionate about getting outdoors as I am.
When we’re not working, we’re: Climbing, hiking, trail running, drinking kombucha, and planning my next adventure

What we’re reading:  Walking to Listen by Andrew Forsthoefel (for the second time because it’s that good)
What we’re listening to:  The Dirtbag Diaries, The Enormocast, and a lot of Indie music
If they made a movie about our workplace, it would be called: Free Solo: One woman, one climbing company
Inclusion in the outdoors matters because: All humans regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or socio-economic status deserve the right to feel safe, welcomed, supported, and endlessly stoked while explore this beautiful earth that drives our life’s passion

Five years down the line, it’s our hope that: Climbing media portrays an accurate representation of the diverse community rather than a white-washed, male dominated image. I hope that all climbers can see Dirt Chalk Bags as an ally to increase representation and inclusion for all individuals in the outdoors.


The One-Year Goals

(What’s the company culture we wish to create?)

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