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Becca Cahall

Co-Founder and CEO

Duct Tape Then Beer

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Steering Committee Member



The Basics

Company Name: Duct Tape Then Beer
Location: Seattle
Founded: 2010
Full-Time Employees: 4 FT, 6 regular contractors
Products: Brand Strategy, Films, Podcasts
Social: Website - Facebook - Instagram
Claim to Fame: Duct Tape Then Beer helped lead the outdoor industry into a new era of marketing and storytelling. Thirteen years ago, after continually being thwarted in our efforts to expand the type of stories and characters the industry could tell stories about, we launched The Dirtbag Diaries, a podcast about lives lived in the outdoors. Since then, our company has grown into an industry leader creating films, brand campaigns, social media campaigns, brand messaging and commercials. We are good at not only getting people to pay attention — but to take action in meaningful ways.  



The Culture

The best thing about working at Duct Tape Then Beer is: We’ve found creative synergy by laughing hard, playing hard and working hard together on projects that mean something to us and our community.

When we’re not working, we’re: Skiing, biking, climbing, running, taking pictures, reading, drawing, being parents.

What we’re reading: High Country News, The New York Times, The New Yorker, White Fragility, The Emerald Mile

What we’re listening to: Scene on Radio, Reply-All, KEXP’s 6 Degrees of Prince, In The Dark

If they made a movie about our workplace, it would be called: Joking. Not Joking.

Inclusion in the outdoors matters because: Public lands belong to all Americans. They are used by all different types of people for a variety of reasons. If we are going to help preserve public lands, we need to foster and connect a community that reflects reality. We need to grow a broad user base that loves and feels welcome in public lands.

 Five years down the line, it’s our hope that: All people, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, age or origin, see themselves truly represented in outdoor media and feel that the outdoors are a place where they can explore, challenge and learn about themselves.


The One-Year Goals

(What’s the company culture we wish to create?)

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